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      Did you know that today there are no horse trails in Miami County?  
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Tipp City Horse Trails
were developed in
cooperation and with
volunteer assistance by:


Tipp City Parks Department is pleased to announce Kyle Park opened their horse trails and hiking trails on September 29, 2012 - the first horse trails in Miami County!


“Trail systems say something significant about how communities can preserve a distinctive and slower paced or "rural" atmosphere. Recognizing this potential and building trails which are permanent improvements allows developers and property owners to significantly benefit from higher property values.”

Equestrian trails have been approved by the Tipp City Parks Advisory Board and City Council for development and completion in Kyle Park. Miami County Equine Initiatives Task Force (MCEITF.com) is offering their expertise and financial assistance to Tipp City Parks Board to maintain trails for equestrian riding. MCEITF is a group of residents, horse enthusiasts and professionals from Tipp City and local communities; some are members of organizations such as Ohio Horseman's Council, Miami County Horseman's Council and Five Rivers Metro Parks. MCEITF brings a wealth of knowledge and conservationist-minded individuals to assist in Tipp City's Strategic Plan, now being implemented.


Horse trails will provide pleasure trail riding to Tipp City residents, serving our youth in 4-H, equine therapy for disabled and local residents a trail to exercise and take a pleasure ride along the back trails of Kyle Park, near the river. In addition to serving our residents, impact studies show that horse trails improve property values and offer development of business.

"Multi-use trails expand recreational opportunities for citizens and creates a recreational destination to draw tourism." Tipp City's Strategic Plan took into consideration the benefits and positive economical impact equestrian trails would create. "Equestrians are conservationists/naturalists." Many rural communities are adding horse trails as an attraction to home buyers; additionally, equestrian trails are popular today for two very positive reasons: trail riders are conservationists and equestrian trail riding is a low impact recreation.

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