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Aligns with Tipp City’s Historic Heritage  
Colonel Rouser rode his horse out of Tipp City to go to Civil War
Horse monument in Tipp City
Canals pioneered original horse trails

An 1840’s Canal-Era Small Town
Horses were integral to canal building. The Miami and Erie Canal Lock 15 could not have opened in 1837 had it not been for the strong horses who labored alongside men to build the waterway.

Horses were instrumental in operating canals. Canal boats were pulled by horses or mules in order to prevent boat wash from eroding the clay banks of the canals and limited to 4 miles per hour. The stones on the lock display evidence of where the boatmen would tie up the horses and secure their boat while the waters would rise and fall.
Photo: Captain Daniel Rouzer’s Civil War Horse “Rouzer’s Raiders”
The canal is the reason for Tipp City. John Clark saw the location of the Lock 15, situated in Monroe Township at the junction of the Milton-Carlisle Pike (Main Street), as an opportunity and in 1840, platted the new town of Tippecanoe City (now Tipp City).

Horse and buggy days.  Before there were cars, there were horses. In early settlements, neighbors were few and far between. It was the horse who, many times, carried a rider for miles, at top speed, to fetch help for an ailing family member or for the birth of a young 'un. It was the horse who transported many a child to the little one-room school and many an isolated family to a social gathering. In those days, owning a sleek, team of buggy horses was as prestigious as owning a shiny, new sports car today.

Horse-Drawn Canal Barge Posters
Image © www.abundancesecrets.com

Tipp City War Horse. Colonel Daniel Rouzer was a prominent citizen of Tippecanoe and rode his beloved war horse out to battle and back again. Commissioned as Captain on August 15, 1861, he led Company E, AKA “Rouzer’s Raiders” of the Forty-fourth Ohio Infantry. For two years he gallantly aided in the defense of the Union, serving in West Virginia, Kentucky and Tennessee.  Returning from the war on horseback, Mr. Rouzer located in Tippecanoe City, where he served as a Monroe Township Trustee, as a member of the town council of Tippecanoe City, as a member of the school board, and as Miami County Commissioner. 

This old solder loved his army horse so much he made arrangements for it to be buried at the corner of his property at 4th and Main in a 15’ square plot which was to never be built over. Today a memorial stands in tribute to Col Rouzer’s war horse at the old Tipp City post office. 

Horses have earned their place in Tipp City. They have benefited mankind throughout the ages, serving important roles in land settlement,  Transportation, warfare and industry. Once again the horse can have a role in Tipp City, as citizens will reflect that it was by the magnificent strength and endurance of their ancestors that the unshakeable foundation of Tipp City was built.

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